Getting Started

At this time, signups are by invitation only. Please complete and submit the sign up form to get started.
You will need a valid credit card number to sign up.

For white labeling, you will need several subdomains configured to link to our network's web console, API and hosts. Your primary subdomain needs to be set up as an MX record so that we can send and receive messages via your branded alias.

To white label your account, we will need your company's logo, and your design preferences for brand colours.
You may need to check with the country you are selling in as they may require a license to operate. However, in most cases, operating as a reseller under our service is acceptable based on our Terms of Service.

White Labelling

If you have branded the platform with your company's logo, and you have updated all the domain settings, your customers won't know that you're using SIPSTACK. The platform along with all email templates will be under your own branding.
Please contact us if your domain name changes. A member of support team can assist you.
This feature is currently unavailable but we are working on developing it.

New Features

If the request is web portal or design related, please email us or share your idea with us on our community pages.
All SIPSTACK customers will receive email notifications when a new feature is released. To get regular product updates about the latest features and developments at SIPSTACK, subscribe to the SIPSTACK newsletter.

Support and Maintenance

When a new version of the host software becomes available, details about the scheduled update and the upgrade window will be emailed to every customer ahead of time. Any additional system updates to our software will be scheduled during these upgrade windows. Upgrade windows are typically scheduled during periods of low activity in the host region. For example, updates to customers hosting their services in the Dallas region would take place on a Sunday at 3 am CST to minimize any service interruptions.
Supporting our customers is our highest priority. We understand that in order to stay competitive, you need to be able to provide real time support along with your telecommunication services. SIPSTACK provides 24/7 support for all its essential services. For more hands-on support on specific technical inquiries or assistance with specific issues, subscribe to the level of SLA service you need.
Most upgrades are seamless and have no impact at all. In major upgrades, the impact may include a 1ms delay. This means that any real time calls attempted during the upgrade window may be terminated during the update. However, if the caller attempts the call again, there should be no issue with outage beyond the first disconnect.
In most cases, the use of APIs can facilitate integration with third party applications. Some applications do have specialized requirements and can be subject to approval on a per host basis. Contact us for any special requirements.

Billing and Pricing

You will be billed once at the beginning of every month.

Each bill will include the cost of your usage from the previous month.
We currently bill in CAD for Canadian customers, and USD for American customers. At this time, all international customers outside of Canada and USA are billed in USD.