Fully Stacked 

SIPSTACK comes fully stacked out of the box. As needs and technologies evolve, so does SIPSTACK. 

As an Open Source platform, SIPSTACK evolves with our Partners.

If you don't find a feature that you need on our platform, you can build and share it. 

Become a Partner


Manage Tenants

Manage multiple distributed PBXs/tenants from SIPSTACK's dashboard.

Generate Reports

 Generate detailed reports on call logs and usage metrics to help improve your service.

Identify Issues

Track all changes made to your customer's portal through the logs to quickly identify any issues.


Plug and Play 

Spin up new PBXs in minutes or migrate your existing PBXs with our migration assistant services.

Use default PBX configurations or tweak them to suit your customer's needs. It's that simple.

Add and remove modular features based on customer needs  without ever worrying about compatibility issues.

White Label

Customer Portal

Your customers can log into a fully branded portal with your logo and brand colours.

Mobile App

Your customers can access all their services through a branded mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Knowledge Base 

Your customers can access branded documentation and find answers without overloading support agents.


Mobile Approach 

Give your customers the flexibility of taking calls from anywhere.

Mobile Apps

Your customers can log into a fully branded mobile app with your logo and brand colours to make and receive calls and messages over data or WiFi. 

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

Make and receive calls over cellular by calling your PBX and keying in a feature code. Inbound calls can also be forwarded to a user's mobile phone.

Smart Text Messaging

Unlock the power of text messaging with SIPSTACK.


Make conversations frictionless. Empower your customers to send and receive SMS and MMS messages on a business line.

Integrate WhatsApp & Facebook

Smart Facebook integrations enable your customers to stay ahead of the curve.


Never worry about your data being breached by hackers or scammers.

AI Anti-Hacking

Anti-hacking technology ensures your lines and your customers' lines will not be infiltrated by hackers.

Scam Alerts

Receive 'Scam Likely' alerts when you receive calls from unknown numbers that could potentially compromise your security.