Can SIPSTACK numbers receive SMS from a short code?

By default, SIPSTACK long code numbers cannot receive messages from short code numbers. Upon request, SIPSTACK can enable your account(s) to receive incoming messages from short codes. This will allow long code phone numbers on your account to receive messages from short codes. Before you request for your account to be […]

What is a Messaging Short Code?

A short code is a 5 or 6-digit number that can send and receive SMS (and MMS) to and from mobile phones. Short codes are recommended for high volume applications. Short codes may be a random number (in Canada or U.S.), or a vanity number that you pick. A vanity […]

SIPSTACK support for opt-out keywords

If a customer responds to a message from a SIPSTACK long code or toll-free phone number with any of the following keywords, they will be opted out from receiving future messages from that number.  Keywords: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, QUIT How does the opt-out process work? When SIPSTACK receives […]

Does SIPSTACK support concatenated SMS messages?

Messages over 160 characters are concatenated or broken up into multiple messages and transmitted separately. SIPSTACK allows you to send and receive concatenated messages containing up to 1600 characters (as ten separate messages). Sending concatenated messages All Canada and US carriers support the sending of concatenated messages except for US […]

Is MMS supported for all carriers in Canada and US?

Carrier support for MMS messages varies, and is dependent on the receiving carrier.  MMS from Long Code (10-digit) numbers Currently, SIPSTACK supports sending MMS messages from local long code numbers to the following mobile carriers in Canada and the US. Major supported carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers, Bell, Fido, Telus, Wind Canada Minor supported carriers: 365 Wireless, […]

Common Fax Issues

The table below outlines error messages, likely causes and potential workarounds to troubleshoot common fax errors. Error Description Likely Cause Workaround Connection failed There was no receiver on the other end of the call to connect to. The destination is not configured to receive transactions. 1. Retry. 2. Contact the number […]

Sending and receiving MMS messages

You can use an MMS-enabled SIPSTACK phone number (long code) to send and receive MMS messages in Canada and US. Please note, however, that SIPSTACK does not offer short code SMS/MMS numbers, and cannot, therefore, support any SMS/MMS capability for short code numbers.  Supported media types for MMS For a […]